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Whether you are planning your trip, or in the middle of it, you can ask us anything. Yes, anything.

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Have a query? Just text us and we will answer everything. As simple as that!

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Psst, here’s a secret. We can help across all of South East Asia, just ask ;)

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We’ll make awesome travel plans, find you great stays and super things to do!

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Ithaka assistant will always remain free, like a friendly neighbourhood traveler!

Method In Our Madness

We are a team of compulsive travelers turned technology entrepreneurs, and we've temporarily hung up our backpacks to realize our vision of helping everyone travel independently. We are building a platform to deliver a holistic, rewarding experience for travelers that spans the globe.

The word Ithaka symbolizes a beautiful journey, a magnanimously rewarding voyage of a lifetime.

Here is the the story of how we found the perfect name.